Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blog Assignment #13

Back To The Future
In Brian Crosby's video "Back To The Future" he showed how he got his kids interested in learning and being self taught. I think that he showed exactly how much technology can be used to get students interested in school. Mr. Crosby used experiments to keep his students engaged and I can relate to that. Who doesn't love to do experiments and learning by being hands on? I know I always loved going to science because we did at least one lab experiment every week. I think teachers need to realize what type of students they have and teach them accordingly. If they're not interested it is our job as educators to find a way to get them interested. I'm not saying that I will be able to get every student I have excited about math because I know that is not a realistic goal, but as a whole I should have more students that want to come to class than students who do not.
I personally loved the hot air balloon experiment by Mr. Crosby. I love that he was able to combine a few different classes into one experiment. I thought that the way he got his students to blog about the experiment was clever. A little bit of creative writing, science, english, and computer work all in one. I wish we could have done that experiment when I was in school because it was so different than anything I've seen done before. I believe even students not interested in school would have loved that experiment.

A Vision of Students Today
The video A Vision of Students Today expresses the thoughts and feelings about college by the average student. This video was extremely relatable to me and I'm sure almost every student in college now. For me, I related most with having to multitask because of all the things that need to be done. So many days I beg for time to slow down or for more hours so I can get everything done that needs to be done. Another statement that nearly every student can relate to was about being in debt after graduation. School is getting so expensive now that as we graduate we have so much debt that it's hard to enjoy any down time knowing you owe someone $20,000, for me at least.
On the other hand, I can honestly say I do not use a computer or my phone in class. I feel it is rude to be sitting in class and not listening to what they are saying. If I wanted to sit on my computer I just wouldn't go to class because no one is making me go other than myself. I think after I switched my major back to education I tried to become the student that I would want as a teacher.
All in all, I thought the video was impressive because it is obvious that students all over have the same feelings about school no matter where we are. Everything may not apply to every one, but I'm willing to bet that every student can relate to at least one thing off of the video.
Mizzou Students with Macs

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