Sunday, December 9, 2012

C4T #4

My teacher for our last C4T is Mr. Ira David Socol. I commented on his blog SpeEdChange. In the first post I commented on he was talking about why we read and write. He was explaining the impact that writing can have on people. There are kids who never have to write and never use their creative side. He also mentioned the importance of having kids read and write. Though Mr. Socol's post were rather lengthy I enjoyed reading them because he expressed himself clearly. I told him that I agree with him in that I think kids should be taught the importance of reading and writing even it they are not particularly fond of it.

The second time I commented on Mr. Socol's blog he was describing the libraries and how they are and should be. He explained that if the way libraries were now they will no longer have a purpose because you can get anything you need by means of the internet. He said that they need to upgrade in all areas to continue to be desirable to people, ecspecially the youth of today. I told Mr. Socol that I completely agreed with him. I love going to the library but the kids I have babysat hate the word library. Kids are stuck in what the movies say about libraries but honestly they are pretty much exactly like the movies. No talking, no eating or drinking, nothing fun and I think even in a library setting we can make going to the libraries enjoyable for kids. Mr. Socol ended his blog saying that if we didn't find a way to alter the way libraries were they would eventually diminish. That will be an extremely sad day when kids have never seen a library, let alone be in one.

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