Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blog Assignment #2

Did you know? 3.0- A John Strange 2012 Version
Dr.Strange's "Did you know?" video really shows you how much technology is incorporated into people's everyday lives. It clear to me, before watching this video, that cell phones and the internet have become a way of life but the statistics given really put it into perspective exactly how much we all rely on technology. We can access almost any part of the world by clicking a few buttons.
The section with the statistics about India was astounding to me. Other countries in the world are becoming more and more technologically advanced. I have always assumed, other than a couple other countries, that America is one of the top intellectual countries in the world. India having more honor students than America honestly never crossed my mind. It really goes to show was advances in technology can do for not only for our country, but around the world.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
The last statement of this video by Matthew Needleman explains it best. Although many things in the world are growing and improving, somethings remain the same. If we were not taught the base of our education as we were, we would not be able to understand many of the things we are learning now, shown by Mr. Winkle in the video. It would be like asking a second grader to evaluate the expression 2X=10 without teaching them basic mathematical skills. It would be nearly impossible for them to give an answer and be able to back it up without the basic understanding of how math works.
On the other hand, I think it is great that we do have so many technological advances. So many lives have been saved with pieces of technology. In high school, we were required to take a basic computer class and, although I was not taught all there was to learn, I believe I have a good basic understanding of how to use a computer and different programs. Change is not always as bad as Mr. Winkle thinks it is and neither is a little bit of old school.
Mr. Winkle in computer lab

Sir: Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity
Sir Ken Robinson

This video really has me on the fence. We were required to take a "fine arts" class in high school and I chose to take photography. I loved it so much I took the next two classes as well, which were not required. I think everyone should be able to embrace their creativity within themselves but if it is a required class will the students really be grasping the idea of creativity? I know students who had no interest in drawing, painting, pottery, or photography while I was in school so they did enough to get by in the classes. It could possibly be because they didn't think they were good at any of the classes, which could in-turn be a result of the fact that we had "out-grown" our creativity as Mr. Robinson said.
However, being more creative and accepting the fact that you will eventually be wrong, as Mr. Robinson said, could make people feel so much better about their professional life. If being wrong was not so frowned upon in society, there could possibly be so many more advances in the world. Too many people are afraid to put their ideas on the table because they fear peer rejection, even though their ideas could be a more productive method of doing something. I like being creative but I do not like being forced to be creative in a class. I think it should be implemented into the classrooms but not forced onto the students.

The Future with More Technology
After watching "A Day Made of Glass" by Corning, I was absolutely amazed at how much technology could take over the world. The young girl in the video didn't even have to find her clothes in her closet they were handed to her after pushing a few buttons. The teacher in the video seemed to be able to show the students her lesson with such ease. Technology could be taking over the world before our own eyes. All that being said, I do not think they world should depend fully on technology. All of the hands on projects would no longer exist and learning things would depend on how well you can watch a video. Not only that, I think that kids would have things handed to them and they would not have to work very hard to get anything. The world would not be able to function without all of their gadgets. I'm all about a little give and take but I must say I would side with Mr. Winkle. Too much technology could not always be such a good thing.

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  1. Barclay,

    Good job on this post. When I started out in EDM 310, I was a lot like you. I was a little hesitant about technology and how much of an impact it has made on everyone. However, this is where our job as teachers becomes increasingly more difficult. We now must find that happy medium of using technology to enhance our class and student learning but still use some traditional teaching techniques. This is simply the way it is now so we must find a way to adapt. Keep up the good work.