Saturday, September 22, 2012


My first teacher assigned was Mr. Dylan Blain also known as "The PE Teacher." It seems to me that he loves implementing technology into his everyday teaching and he wants to get his students using technology in learning. He first introduced the use of the iPod/iPad apps called CoachsEye and Edmodo in a teaching setting. He explained how beneficial it would be for the students to be able to video other students and be videoed and be able to watch back the videos instantly. I personally think that I could use these tools with my softball team this year. My team would be able to understand what we're asking them to do by watching themselves and being critiqued instantly. I really think "The PE Teacher" has opened a new realm of teaching in sports with my team. He also explained his use of an app that he used to keep up with his students cricket games called NX Cricket Scoring. There are so many apps used to keep up with stats from games. Last year we used one to keep up with the team's softball stats. However, we found a few bugs and are currently looking for a new app to use this season. Over all, I definitely agree with "The PE Teacher" and his use of technology, it is so helpful and the kid's relate to it.
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