Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Assignment #8

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This Is How We Dream: Part 1 and Part 2
In "This is How We Dream:Part 1," Dr. Richard Miller makes an exceptional visual presentation! He begins by explaining how you can get all your information for a discussion strictly off the internet, without stepping foot in a library or using a pen or paper. Dr. Miller further explained the differences in fundmental and incremental changes. He told us that not only is the way we use internet changing but so is the way we write. Little do some of us realize, the advances with technology are making everyone a little bit greener.
In Part 2 of Dr. Miller's presentation, he explains the importance of using visual presentations. He says there may be a time that students use digital demonstrations rather than word processors. He also explains how people are not only using the internet but colaborating with it.
I think these two videos have only reiterated what we have been on the verge of learning all semester. Technology is taking over the world quickly. High school projects will not be the same, and the expanded knowledge of the internet can take the credit for that. I think that digital demonstrations in classes would help some students understand the subject better. I think if these presentations could be incorporated into every classes, they would help students tremendously. Everything is changing, why shouldn't the way teachers teach?

Carly Pugh's Blog Post #12
I think that Carly Pugh was dead on what Dr. Miller was trying to say. I think that the embedded video alone covers it all. The video posted got the point across without saying a word. If that is not what Dr. Miller meant by a digital demonstration, I would need to see what he was talking about. This video made you think and I believe that is what a good presentation is all about.

The Chipper Series and EDM310 for Dummies
I watched these two videos at the beginning of the course when they were first recommended. I think they are most helpful before you get into the class, I let out a little sigh of relief after watching EDM310 for Dummies. The video just explains that even if you do get stuck or confused there will always be someone to help you out. The Chipper Series was also helpful in that it proved shortcuts just won't cut it.
I think another video that would be helpful would be one about what all EDM students will cover, learn, and use in the classrooms. Some students are turned away from the class, so I've heard, after they hear about all the work they will have to do. I think if future students realized how beneficial this class will be for not only when they are teaching but also throughout the rest of their college careers.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn
This video reminds me of a previous assigned video "Teaching in the 21 Century." I think the arguments made in this video are true. Students need to learn, not only to gather information, but to understand it. "No More Burp Back Classes" is what came to my mind when one man was explaining learning in terms of a vending machine. If a student can apply what they are reading or hearing they are not learning. One way or another, we as educators need to find an effective way to get our students to fully understand the information given to them so they can honestly call it knowledge.

WEB 2.0

The video tool I liked the most was PhotoPeach. A teacher can either pay a small fee or use the free version for their students to create their own photo slideshows. The teacher can alter the student's profiles and the students cannot alter the teachers. Also, the student's projects will not be public until set to be public.
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  1. I really enjoyed reading you blog post. Everything looks correct from what I see. I agree with you about the video "EDM310 for Dummies" being helpful before this class. Learn to Change, Change to Learn also reminded me of the Teaching in the 21st Century video too because there are different ways of teaching and how people learn and every one doesn't need to stick to the same things. Great job!

  2. Barclay,

    You were supposed to write a bit more about what Carly's post was "really about," so to speak. I'm not sure the video you linked to was a good enough summary in itself. The rest of your post is okay. I didn't see many errors. You misspelled "fundamental," though. Nice cartoon.