Sunday, November 25, 2012

C4K for November

First Student
My first student's name was Adrianna. Her post was about a book she is reading, The One and Only Ivan. In her post, she express that Ivan, a gorilla, was mistreated and abuse but she doesn't think that happened in real life. She said that no gorilla should be treated the way Ivan was in the book. I told Adrianna that I agreed with her and no animal should have to deal with abuse. They are defenseless to the acts of humans. I also commented on her photo and asked if that was a picture of Ivan, I am waiting on a response.

Second Student
My second student was a 10th grade student at Baldwin County High School name Zach Adams. I'm not certain of the assignment, I'm waiting on an answer. However, he seems to have made a "FaKebook" page. It was interesting to see how easily you can create a fake social networking page. Hopefully I will get a response this week so I will know exactly what his assignment was.

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