Sunday, November 11, 2012

Special Blog Assignment

Using a Laptop
In USA TODAY's 30th anniversary celebration, Martin E. Kilmer interviewed some of the world's greatest visonaries about what they think the world of tomorrow. In the article "A World Where Grades Will be Left Behind, Sebastian Thrun described the type of schooling that be is in love with. One where there is no such thing as being late for class, grades are nonexistent, the word failure is unheard of, and the process of learning is as fun as playing a video game. Udacity, the new school, is basically free education, with the exception of some fees for programs and projects, and is completely accessible to any who can afford a cell phone bill every month.
Thrun says you can take either a blue pill or a red pill. By taking the blue pill, you're asking to continue the traditional style of learning, but by taking the red pill, if you're like him, you are welcomed into Wonderland. He even said that this type of teaching and learning is not trying to overcome the traditional schools and colleges, it is just giving student's who are not traditional learners another option.
I think that this style of school could benefit some students tremendously. I know plenty of people who have dropped out because they couldn't keep up with the pace, couldn't get to class on time, or simply couldn't afford school. I believe that has we continue to become more and more technologically advanced, we need to keep up with the pace in education as well. Every student learns differently, and if Udacity is the way they learn best, then I'm all for it.

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