Friday, November 9, 2012

C4T #3

Hadley head shot
For my C4T for the next couple weeks I was assigned Miss Hadley, a middle school history teacher in Philadelphia. The first post I commented on was titled "Times Square to the Waterfall." She explained that when you are first entering the online world, (blogging, twitter, wiki, etc) you will feel was though you are the Naked Cowboy in New York. She further explained that you control what you put on the internet and you can put your ideas, any ideas, as you see them. She said the more you posted the less awkward, for lack of a better word, it would seem to put your ideas for everyone to see, creating a refreshing "waterfall feeling." I commented to her and told her that I was new into the blog and twitter world and it is a little out of my comfort zone to post my writings on the internet and that I wished the "waterfall feeling" would come soon. She replied almost immediately and told me to stick it and in time that would happen which was very comforting.

The second time I went back to Miss Hadley's blog she had not made a new post since the first time I commented, so I went to her earlier post. This post was the day after the National Day of Writing, which was to topic of her post. She explained that she had her Humanities class write for 40 minutes on a truth and stretch it until is become a lie, like the book Wild Girls by Pat Murphy. She said the students took a while to figure out what to write but once they figured it out, they didn't stop. She ended the post with a very powerful statement basically saying that the world is moving too fast and people are getting too caught up in it meaning they aren't taking time out of there day to listen to their creative side. I told Hadley that I was always the student taking the longest to decide a topic when I was in high school. I also said I agreed with her last statement about not stopping to pay attention to our minds and listen to our thoughts. I ended my comment asking Hadley if she thought the saying "If you don't use it, you lose it" applies here, I am still waiting on her response.

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